Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan. 2010

We've had a big month. Trenton left for Afghanistan and has been gone almost 3 weeks now. This has been a bigger adjustment than I was prepared for. Lexi has continued to grow and even though I don't think she is cured the medicine is doing it's job. Addison has been a challenge. We made cupcakes one day, but it was two days before she got to frost them and eat them because she wouldn't eat her dinner. They were blue because of the book Pinkalicious. We didn't have the food coloring for pink or purple so they were blue. Anyway, we've had a big snow and Addison loved playing it. She lasted about 30 minutes before she was soaking wet and freezing. You can see why in the pictures. Lexi has also been doing the tripod sitting. She can balance herself for a while, but hasn't managed to sit herself up. It makes her so mad!