Sunday, November 1, 2009

Addison's Bday

I realized I never posted any pictures of Addison's 3rd Birthday! It lasted for a week, starting on her actual birthday with mommy and daddy and little sis. We had a small cake. Then the party was the next week. She of course had a grand time being the center of attention and getting presents. All that was eaten of her cupcake cake by her was the icing. She has really enjoyed all of her presents though!


Halloween was a great time. Addison helped scoop out the pumpkin and separate the seeds for roasting. She loved playing with the slimy pulp. Then we went to our friend the Spears' house for dinner and trick or treating. Alexis was content to spend her first Halloween observing and sleeping, while the princess was very excited and wound up. There were 3 girls and lots of squeals. Thank goodness we got an extra hour last night!

The farm

We went to a local farm with our friends and had a great day. Alexis stayed in the baby bourjn most of the time and Addison had a blast seeing the animals and running around. She wasn't crazy about the hay ride, but loved picking out pumpkins!